6 Steps to SEO

You can successfully launch your business online and receive significant amount of traffic if you will follow the 6 critical steps of SEO or search engine optimization.

Here are the 6 Steps that you must follow:

Market Research – doing a market research about the product or services is critical to your success online. You need to know if there’s enough demand for the product or services your are planning to launch. You need to know your competition, their website ranking, where they are linking to, and the keywords they are using on their website title and description. It’s very important to analyze their strength and weakness to learn if there is space for you and how you can beat them.

Build a Website – research for the best keyword sets that has significant amount of traffic and use it as your domain name. Exact set of keywords on your domain name can increase the possibility of your website being index right away. We highly recommend WordPress software CMS for building your website. They have thousands of tools or plugin that you can use to build a massive contents, social engagement and ultimately traffic to your website.

On Page Optimization – you need to make sure that you are using the best keyword sets on your title tag, meta description and meta keywords. Every piece of your contents must be properly optimize for search engine.

Off Page Content Optimization – content creation is vital for your online visibility. Your contents such as articles, video, images, press release blog bost, podcast must contain the keywords you want to be found for.

Link Building – link building includes directory listing, adding social media profile, posting articles to article directories, submitting videos to video sites and social media sites, submitting press release and other content syndication websites.

Tracking – the only way to know if your contents are being consumed online and bringing you traffic is using search analytic  such as Google Analytics. If your website is built with wordpress there’s a plugin for that will track where clicks are coming from and how much traffic you’re receiving each day.