For small businesses, lead generation is what keeps them afloat. Of course, you need repeat customers to stay in business, but also look for new leads online if you want your company to grow and expand.

The internet has become such a large part of our society that it feels like everyone now owns their computer. 97% of people find out about local companies through the internet, which means if you don’t have an online presence and meet your customer’s needs and wants, they will go somewhere for what they need!

By implementing local lead generation strategies, you can capture business from these types of searchers. In addition, lead generation is very inexpensive and allows for a good return on investment if done correctly.

This is the best efficient way if you have limited resources and cannot pay for expensive, but you still gain more people walking through your door!

You can use other techniques to market your business instead of spending thousands on ads. For example, if you have a small local audience and competition is high, there are ways for your business to stand out without having to spend more than what’s already allocated for marketing campaigns.

Consider 6 Lead Generation Tips for Local Businesses:

1. Establish a Local Email List Through Localized Lead Magnets

Many marketing experts recommend using the power of localized content in your marketing strategy. Local businesses should share a unique, customized lead magnet relevant to their specific target audience to help them grow and increase business success.

You can create one specifically for your target audience, localizing it so only prospects who live around this area will see it!

2. Practice Targeted Social Media Ads

Ads are an excellent way to get your business in front of the right people. These targeted search results will allow you to reach potential customers no matter where they go online, ensuring that more eyes are on what you have to offer and improving revenue as a result!

Want to know how you can increase your revenue? Then get in front of the right people by advertising through targeted search results. Search ads will allow potential customers to find what you have to offer, making sure that more eyes are on it and increasing sales!

If you discover Google ads are expensive, start with a small budget and gradually increase it once you understand what works for your business.

Now more than ever, Facebook ads are the next efficient local lead generation platform for small companies, with approximately 2.5 billion users and exceptional targeting capabilities.

When you run a Facebook leads ad, it appears in the newsfeed with a form for adding contact information right there in the newsfeed. This convenience provides you 20% more leads than using the Facebook ads resulting in landing pages. 

3. Create a Blog

A blog is an effective way to share information with your customers about the products, services, and values you offer. It allows you to attract potential clients through regular posts that are easy to understand while enabling continuous engagement between them and your brand.

By writing a blog, you can connect with your customers in an honest and meaningful way. Your audience will find it interesting while learning about the advantages of working with you.

Having blogs also allows you to target essential keywords and assist your website to appear in the search engines for more related keywords. As a result, it increases the overall visibility of your business. 

Utilizing your geographical location in blog titles and URLs is an efficient way to improve local SEO.

4. Create Localized Landing Pages

The effectiveness of promotion is mainly dependent on the quality and location of its landing page. When people are drawn in products or services obtained at their current location, they will engage more readily with promotional content that addresses this need than one that does not address these specific needs.

When someone browses a service in your area, you can appear at the top of their search results by having local landing pages. If they use location modifiers like “chiropractor near me” or “plumber in Hershey PA,” then these keywords (and phrases) will show up on Google Maps and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This allows you to increase both brand awareness and conversions with targeted content that is geographically relevant.

When people are searching for your company with local keywords, geo-targeted ads will lead to the closest branch most of the time. This is great because you’ll see more conversions than if someone clicks on a generic landing page.

5. Optimize Local Listings

Do you know that 96% of Americans own a smartphone? This implies that you should make sure your business is listed on local directory sites to provide them the best chance at finding what they need.

Competitors in the area will most likely be doing this as well, so if they’re not ready for that competition already, then it’s time they start getting prepared!

We have all found ourselves glued to our smartphones, and due to the increasing number of Americans accessing the internet via mobile devices, it has become a necessity for businesses.

Research from Pew Research Center shows that 93% of adults use their phones daily or almost every day.

With nearly everyone owning a smartphone, businesses will want to take advantage of this by listing themselves on an online directory site like Google My Business.

Top local listings include:

  •  Yahoo Local
  •  Yelp
  •  Bing Local
  •  TripAdvisor
  •  Foursquare
  •  Angie’s List 
  •  YP
  •  Better Business Bureau
  •  GlassDoor
  •  Biz Journals
  •  CitySearch
  •  Manta
  •  White pages and others!

For increased visibility, optimize your Google My Business page. It allows you a boost in SEO and ensures that people looking for related products or services find you on the internet.

After the acquisition, one might agree that keeping in touch with leads is essential.

Don’t generate leads by simply asking for their email address. Instead, work on keeping in touch with your leads, and understand that they may be busy, distracted, or forgetful when it comes time to follow up about the lead magnet!

You can build rapport and show that you care about prospects by sending them an automated follow-up sequence. This will help keep the lead engaged until they are ready to purchase from your business!

You should strive and schedule a follow-up with a phone call or email to encourage them to take action after an offline event. If you get some leads during the event, make sure they know what actions are next in your sales funnel and how their buy-in can help move down that path as well.

Cold leads can easily be forgotten about. To keep them in the loop, create an automated email series to pull your cold leads back into the sales funnel.

Considering 6 Local Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses are just some of the proven and tested methods!

If you want more lead generation for your business, apply these tips!

If you don’t have ample time to implement these ideas into your marketing and need assistance with the technical aspects, we would be delighted to help!