How To Include Your Local Business in Apple Maps

With a staggering 23 million monthly unique visitors, Apple Maps is the third most popular map service on the market today. The only two competitors with more users are Google’s 154 million and Nokia HERE’s 27.7 million.

Are Apple Maps worth the time for a local business? 

It is a valuable investment and a crucial part of your local search and review management strategy as soon as you discover it. 

The following contents are covering in this presentation:

  • What is Apple Maps?
  • Apple Maps vs. Google Maps
  • Siri with Apple Maps
  • Apple Maps and CarPlay
  • Who uses Apple Maps
  • How do Apple Maps deal with Ratings and Reviews
  • How to secure your business listed in Apple Maps
  • The future and potential for Apple Maps
  • Why Apple Maps should be a top priority for your business

According to, Apple Maps is a web mapping service exclusive to iOS, iPadOS, WatchOs, and macOS. As the name suggests, it is established by Apple Inc. However, before its launch in 2012, they announced that their app would encompass turn-by-turn navigation, 3D maps with Flyovers from your phone, tablet, computer, and Siri. These are designed exclusively for you!

Apple Maps offers a variety of features:

  •  Turn-by-turn navigation with verbal instructions for vehicles, pedestrians, and public transportation.
  •  Apple customers, according to, can use the app while driving via CarPlay, and via Siri, Apple’s voice assistant app.
  • With the help of Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, users can see real-time traffic information while using navigation.
  • The map displays locations o explore provided by approximately twenty companies, including, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, and Yelp for all travelers!
  •  Users are permitted to drop a pin in the interesting location on the map for future access.
  • The satellite view showcases Flyovers, three-dimensional satellite views in designated areas.
  • Nearby shows you points of interest in each category, with the name, distance to that point, and reviews on Yelp.

Apple Maps is designed to be used with third-party apps, such as Yelp and Booking. This allows for a more streamlined experience in which you can easily find hotels or restaurants without switching between different services’ apps.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Apple Maps is only available on Apple devices, while Google Maps works for both Android and iOS. Before you install either app on your device, there are some essential differences that you must be aware of:

  •  Apple shares data are contextually taking a subtle approach. Google provides everything to the user.
  •  Apple creates flyover mode, a 3D landscape of buildings and structures. On the other hand, Google has Street View.
  •  With Apple Maps and other apps on your phone, Siri can tell you where to go. Navigation is seamless because of this tight integration between Apple’s services.
  •  Google Voice Assistant works similarly, but it isn’t as tightly integrated with the rest of your device.
  •  Apple and Google are both integrating Maps with mobile devices, vehicles, watches, and smart speakers.
  •  Apple Maps does not collect your data which is an excellent feature because it provides privacy.

Apple Maps claims they don’t keep any of their users’ data. When you use the app to find a location or plan your route, Apple ensures that it immediately deletes all map tiles and navigation history. This indicates that no one else can access them later on without permission from an iPhone owner.

If you want a seamless experience, your Apple Maps app is natively integrated with all of our products. Then it may be the best option.

How is Google Maps the best mapping tool for business? First, it indicates more detailed and accurate information than any other competitor. This makes it a must-have application for anyone who wants to keep their data up-to-date and accessible at all times. Businesses are also intelligent to add themselves onto Google Mapping and Apple maps because both receive millions of visits each day from users across different regions or countries that could be interested in your services; this means increased customer exposure!

Siri with Apple Maps

“Hey Siri” is Apple’s voice assistant that enables you to perform different searches starting with the activation keyword.

For Instance, 

  •  Hey Siri, take me back to my place.
  •  Hey Siri, where is the best Pizza shop near here?
  •  Hey Siri, how bad is the traffic up in Philadelphia right now?
  •  Hey Siri, what time does that Phillies game start tonight?
  •  Hey Siri, can you show me the Independence Hall in Philadelphia?

Hey there, fellow Sixers fan (or maybe they’re headed home after a long day of work)!  We’ve got some great places around town if Pizza happens to hit the spot right about now- like Villa di Roma or Pat’s King of Steaks, but since we’re only looking for something.

Siri is smart enough to understand what you’re looking for and can even help with several variables.

Apple Maps and CarPlay

CarPlay is here, and it’s all hands-free! With just the touch of a screen, you can start your car with Siri. Never again will you have to look down at your phone because now you can control everything through voice controls.

CarPlay makes roads a safer place with Siri’s hands-free navigation. You can use the car controls as well or report any issues to Apple Maps.

Who uses Apple Maps?

If you’re an Apple user, try to locate your maps are on apple’s map service. Before 2012, it was the default mapping app for all of their devices and before Google Maps replaced it in 2012.

Here is the reason why Apple Maps is essential.

Apple says there will be 4.66 billion internet users worldwide as of 2021 and that 1.65 billion Apple devices are in active use overall, with 900 million to 1 billion+ users by 2019.

Here’s why this matters.

Apple Maps is more popular than Google Maps on iPhones and Apple devices, indicating its 3x greater usage.

Find out more.

How many users does DuckDuckGo have? While it’s hard to say for sure, they do display maps and navigation data with Apple Maps in their search results.

Now, with the skyrocketing numbers of DuckDuckGo users, there is a reason to consider getting your business on Apple. After all, 100 million searches per day are superb!

Apple Maps users may not be as many as those on Google or Bing, but they come from these services. This is in a direct competition! This is why businesses should consider getting onto Apple!

How do Apple Maps handle ratings and reviews?

Initially, Apple Maps relied on third-party providers like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Apple has decided to start rating businesses in its Maps app. As a result, Apple might soon be providing its ratings for apps instead of relying on third-party sources.

Now you can rate your favorite things with Apple’s new rating system. The MacOS 14 beta six updates introduced the thumbs up/down ratings, which allow users to give a product or service four stars for being good but not great and one star if it doesn’t meet expectations. This is how many businesses have been receiving lower-than-average reviews lately from disgruntled customers due to this update released in June 2019! It is indeed an exciting work in progress!

The new rating system from Apple will allow users to rate their experiences with regional and national businesses and local ones.

The company has unshared a specific timeline for adding more content to its ratings and reviews. However, they have mentioned their goal of “adding other services and features in the future.”

Get your business listed in Apple Maps by following these easy steps.

Apple Maps Connect allows you to add your business listing in Apple’s maps. You must have a free Apple ID for this, in any case. Follow these steps on how to do it!

  1. Head over to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID. Remember, you have to create an account if you have not done yet.
  3. Browse your business using the search fields above. If you can not see your business, you can add it.
  4. After you have done your business, you will have a prompt to verify your account
  5. Once verified, you will be allowed to revise the content on your page

Here is pertinent information to include in your Apple Maps listing:

  • Business Name and Phone Number
  • Business Address
  • Business Operation Hours
  • Place Status (Open / Closed)
  • Links to your apps, website, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter Profiles
  • Apple Pay Accepted (or Not)
  • Categories

Apple features easy set up your business. Here’s how: follow the prompts and provide any necessary information. You should be able to start your business right away!

The prospect for Apple Maps

Apple has made Apple Maps an essential part of their product ecosystem, differentiating them from Google. Where other platforms want to attract advertisers with slick marketing campaigns or free services like Waze, Apple wants to create new groundbreaking products. Apple has moved into developing subscription plans for its map app features like traffic updates and satellite images because it prefers focusing on unique qualities rather than match the existing ones provided by other companies.

Apple is trying to take on Yelp and TripAdvisor with its rating service. The features of the reviews will probably look very different than what we are familiar with when it comes to Apple striving to create a name as an innovator. This implies that the time to prepare is now.

Apple Maps should be considered a priority for your business.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Not only is this a risk for the business, but it’s also an inconvenience to customers who want to leave a review on another site and first require you to sign up before they do so.

Google is receiving mostly positive reviews, but enough negative ones could cost them future clients if people associate their past stories as current occurrences instead of just bad luck.

To improve your marketing strategy, consider the review the analytics and follow-ups for iOS users. Include Apple Maps in planning because it’s super easy!