If you are planning to hire a website design and development company make sure that these 3 key design features are being implemented.

1. Mobile Responsive Design – why you need to make sure your website is mobile responsive? According to survey done by about 85% of respondent say mobile devices are a central part of everyday life.

Research shows that 57% of your website visitor will abandon your website when they can’t find the information they are looking for using their mobile phone.

  • What does your website look like on mobile or tablet?
  • How much of your content does the viewer see on smartphone?
  • Does your website buttons easy to click?

2. Sharable Contents – make sure your contents are useful, relevant, engaging and visually attractive. Did you know that video now accounts to 50% of the mobile traffic? Video is the most sharable contents on social media. Make sure your video and images are mobile responsive.

3. Contact Information – make sure that your contact information such as phone and contact form is easy to find. Customers who are ready to buy may have a quick question that they want to ask. So make sure that your phone and email is visible on your mobile responsive website.

Your website design is the primary gateway to you, your brand and your products and services. A well-designed, easy-to-navigate site can increase your traffic, bring more opt-ins, build trust with your potential clients and customers and ultimately lead to more sales. A bad website design can sabotage even the best product or smartest launch campaign.

We highly recommend building a website using the Mobile Responsive WordPress CMS platform because of the four following reasons.

  1. SEO – having your website up and running is just a first step. Next, you need to create a stream of regular traffic. So how do you get visitors to your website? WordPress provides a better search engine optimization (SEO) for every pages of your website compare to other website platforms. Watch the video of Google’s Matt Cutts advice to Small Business.
  2. Sharable Content – it’s very easy to update the content, even if you don’t know anything about website programming you can do it yourself. With WordPress website you can add  images, videos and audios, you can also add social sharing and bookmarking functions through the use of plug-in and widgets.
  3. Theme Options – if you’re not happy with your current theme design you can easily upload a new theme design without messing up your content and ranking.
  4. Free Upgrade – WordPress has tens of thousands of developers who collaborate on how to enhance the features and functionality of the software.
What do you need to start your website:
  • You need your own DOMAIN NAME – if you still don’t have one you can go to to purchase your domain.
  • Website HOSTING – we highly recommend or

Whether you already have a website in place or you need to build your site from scratch, these seven steps will help you create a 7 steps to website success and sell more stuff.  Ready to start your new website? CLICK HERE to check our website design options or Request a quote HERE


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